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Getting healthy and staying that way is not easy. OneCommunity is here to offer you the right kind of help. OneCommunity is a consumer engagement platform that will connect you to a selection of simple-to-use tools and easily accessible resources to help you live a longer, healthier, happier life. And we promise, no guilt, no lectures.

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OneCommunity. An online health care tool you may actually enjoy using.

  • It’s personal. OneCommunity will customize a healthcare program that fits you, your needs and your style exactly.
  • It’s private. What goes on with OneCommunity stays there. It’s a secure environment where you can be assured of complete privacy.
  • It’s positive. OneCommunity provides a truly empowering experience for users, with positive reinforcement, education and feedback.
  • It’s easy. Unlike the lengthy, complicated and intrusive healthcare programs you may have participated in before, OneCommunity is clear, simple and inviting to use.
  • Anytime, anywhere. Mobile responsive for total convenience in managing your health.

In short, OneCommunity Keeps You In Front of What’s Ahead. OneCommunity will look at the current state of your health and provide you with a perfectly tailored program to improve it. But, more important, it will give you a heads-up about any potential health challenges you might be facing, before they become real problems. Then it will offer solutions to help you head them off.