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Saying that the healthcare business is in a state of flux these days is a huge understatement. That’s exactly why Aegis Health Group has developed OneCommunity. Yes, OneCommunity is a hospital-branded consumer engagement platform. But it’s unlike any other tools out there. Working with OneCommunity, you’ll attract a larger patient population, stand out in your market and deliver even better care to your communities.

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Here’s what makes OneCommunity different.

  • It’s personal. OneCommunity lets health systems customize a solution and provide the local resources to deliver on the promise of a healthier patient community.
  • It’s right here, right now. Most competitors are dependent on remote resources. OneCommunity positions you, the local health system, as the preferred provider. And helps you stay immediately accessible and intimately connected to the real-world conditions in your community.
  • People actually like using it. Unlike a lot of tools, OneCommunity provides a positive, intuitive experience, so people are more likely to stick with their program.
  • It delivers far more than data. You’ll see readily implementable solutions that will create real change, and a healthier patient population.
  • It gives you a competitive edge. OneCommunity offers practical, actionable ideas that will help you stand out in your marketplace.
  • Tools that help you stand out in your market. With OneCommunity you can compete with national, non-branded platforms.